A downloadable game for Windows

Lost At Sea

a game for #bitjam

On your boat on a moonless night hours from any shore, you spot through the misty air a blinking light in the distance. Slowly you recognize it's pattern as Morse code. Transfixed you watch the light, and maybe respond yourself...


When seeing a message, it will loop until you press Enter. Short blinks are dots and long blinks are dashes. Here is the Morse Alphabet for reference, it's also in the pdf.

When you press Enter you can send a message by sending a blinking Morse message back by pressing spacebar, holding it a brief time for a dot and a longer time for a dash. Press Enter again when your message is finished. The Entity will likely only respond to simple words such as "Yes," "No," "Who," "Why," or "Sorry." Sometimes the Entity may not acknowledge your response at all. You can also choose not to respond, just press Enter without sending any light flashes.

If the messages are coming too fast or slow you can adjust the speed of the game with the up and down arrows. If you want to hear a tone when the light flashes on, press "m" to unmute, or mute again if you change your mind.

If the blinking light is too high contrast, you can press 2 or 3 to change to a less intense color palette. It'll update the next time the light flashes.

Install instructions

Use the PDF as reference. You might also want pens and paper nearby.


LostAtSea.exe 2 MB
lostatseamanual.pdf 57 kB